Debbie’s interest in Ethan develops into a full-blown crush as she goes to see him in make-up and a short skirt. She is shocked when Ethan introduces her to his fiancé Niamh. Disappointed Debbie returns home to encounter Cain in a rage about the way she’s dressed. He tells her doesn’t want her turning into a slapper like her mother and then destroys her make up kit. Upset Debbie goes to see Chas who gives her some really bad advice. She says that if she thinks the boy she’s interested in is 'the one' then she has to take him from his girlfriend. Learning that Dawn is looking for work, Viv gets it into her head that Dawn can take Donna’s new job at the Antiques Barn and Donna can come back to work with her in the café. Viv rushes round to tell the good news. As Donna objects to her mother’s plan she knocks over an expensive figurine. When Rodney returns, Danny covers for Donna saying that he broke the figurine knowing that Rodney will dock his wages. When Edna’s phone rings she doesn’t wake up despite Tootsie barking at her. Later, as Len tells her about the slanging match in the café between Charity and Sadie, Edna falls asleep again. It looks as if Jarvis’ cough remedy may have some serious side effects. Could it be that the old fashioned remedy is an opium-based product?


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