Eager to consummate his relationship with Zoe, Scott decides to pull out all the stops and procures chocolates and champagne from the shop. Viv tells Scott his efforts will be in vain. When Zoe finds Scott rigging up a home cinema system in the lounge, she offers Debbie a lift home and it's obvious that she doesn’t share Scott's enthusiasm for a romantic evening together. In no hurry to get back, Zoe stops in The Woolpack and overhears Matthew and Carl loudly discussing her relationship with Scott. She reminds them she is a lesbian. When Zoe returns to Home Farm, she tries to avoid Scott's romantic plans by talking about Debbie and the children. When Zoe tells Scott about the Kings in the pub she admits to him that she is comfortable with her sexuality. Scott is offended and says that as they’ve slept together before he thought she wouldn’t have a problem with doing it again. Zoe says she can’t remember the time she slept with him before. Deeply hurt Scott storms out and Zoe attempts to make him stay. When Debbie fails to come home after Cain’s outburst in the pub, her father turns up at Pear Tree Cottage demanding that she returns home. With Chas and Charity on her side she tells him that she’ll be home after breakfast. In the shop she runs into Ethan who wants to know why she hasn’t gone to school. Later Ashley asks Ethan to keep him informed about the Debbie situation. He warns the curate that Debbie has a crush on him and he must handle the situation carefully. Ethan does not take kindly to Ashley's interference. After agreeing to look after TJ while Dawn works for Eric at the factory, Terry finds himself out of a job when his boss rings up demanding to know where he is and Terry tells him to stick his job. When Terry tells Dawn about being out of a job he is surprisingly upbeat and tells her that he is planning to go into business on his own as a taxi driver. Dawn irks Terry when she says that his choice of career move would make it easier for him to look after TJ.


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