Scott decides that if Zoe doesn’t want a full physical relationship with him then he has no option but to move out. While Viv encourages him to leave, Zoe confides in Ashley. When Zoe confesses that she's not sleeping with Scott, Ashley says that while sex is not important to her it will be to Scott. He adds that if she doesn’t want to sleep with Scott then she will have to be honest about it. Zoe is upset and goes in search of Scott. Scott is determined to move his things out of Home Farm but Zoe stops him and kisses him passionately. Debbie is rude to Charity in front of Ethan who tells her off for being so hostile towards her mother. Later Debbie goes to see Charity at Pear Tree Cottage and apologises to her mum. She tells Charity that she went to see Christopher at Home Farm. Charity offers to let Debbie hide her make-up from Cain at the cottage. Debbie thanks her for the offer but says she already has a hiding place for it. Something positive seems to have come out of Cain's rage after all as Debbie and her mother are back on speaking terms. Steph tells Shelley that she is convinced she can get Eric to ask her to move back in and is soon proved right. Seeing Eric struggling to order his groceries online, Steph goes out at lunchtime and buys a huge amount of groceries. When Steph tells Eric the groceries are for him he invites her round for dinner. Over dinner, Eric asks Steph to move back in on the grounds that it is cheaper to live as two than as one. With a little encouragement from Rodney, Danny asks his able assistant Donna out on another date. Delighted Donna says yes and it looks as if love is in the air for two young villagers who deserve some luck in the romance department.


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