Steph takes Alan for a drink to wish him a 'bon voyage' and he is delighted his daughter appears to have accepted his decision to move to Spain after her initial tantrum. Of course, Steph is really fuming about what she sees as her father's plan to abandon her. When Shelley pops round to invite Steph round she lets slip that the idea of moving to Spain was hers. Steph sees red and, luring Shelley inside under the pretext of having a present for her, locks her in a cupboard and refuses to let her out until she promises that she won’t be moving to Spain. Marlon withdraws his vote from The Woolpack staff ballot when he confirms that he would be duty bound to vote for Chas under the Dingle code of honour. With everyone else bar Bob’s voting intentions abundantly clear Bob is left in the unenviable position of having the casting vote. When the votes are counted it is revealed that he voted for Mickey Mouse. He tells Diane and Louise that he has another vote for them and hands them his letter of resignation saying that if they don’t resolve this farcical situation he will leave. Still feeling heartbroken and that he has once again become a village laughing stock, Scott drowns his sorrows in The Woolpack and refuses to speak to Zoe when he runs into her in the street. In the pub, Chloe tells Scott how sorry she was to hear about what happened between him and Zoe. It is obvious that she wants to rekindle their relationship. Tom is not impressed when Syd turns up with Charity’s door keys and she is all over her housemate like a rash. Tom asks whether it was Syd who she met up with the previous evening and she tells him it was. After work in The Woolpack, Tom looks on as Charity flirts outrageously with Syd.


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