The police head to Holdgate Farm after Syd tells them about Carl hitting Paul a few days before the postman's death. Tearful Carl manages to answer their questions without arousing their suspicions. The police tell Siobhan that they don’t believe there's anything suspicious about Paul's death. However, Carl is wracked with guilt and alarms his brothers by telling them Siobhan has a right to know how Paul died. When Carl sets off in his car his brothers follow him to Siobhan's. They pay their condolences and lead Carl away. Siobhan struggles to make sense of Paul's death. She wonders why a man who she had had to nag to change the toilet roll would suddenly be up on the roof trying to fix a TV aerial? She berates herself for spending the evening out on the town with Chloe slagging off men instead of going to home to see Paul after sending him to apologise to Carl. She also gets angry with Paul and demands to know why he had to go and do such a stupid thing as climb on the roof. Edna has a run in with her physiotherapist for refusing to practice walking with a Zimmer frame. She is told she cannot go home until she can walk across the ward unaided. Reluctantly Edna begins to use the Zimmer frame but she finds walking very painful. When Jarvis arrives to see Edna, a nurse tells him that Edna will need looking after when she returns home. Edna becomes angry because the nurse is talking about her and not to her. When Jarvis returns to Emmerdale he begins to plan with Len and Pearl how they can help Edna. With life at the Hope's intolerable for everyone, Jean decides to take action and corners Terry in The Woolpack. She makes him an offer he can’t refuse. She tells him that for TJ’s sake, to ensure that his son has a proper home, he must allow Dawn and TJ and Jean herself to move into his house.


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