Home from hospital, Edna is determined to manage on her own but finds getting around difficult and suffers a fall when she goes to let Tootsie out. Jarvis comes to her rescue. Edna is not grateful for his help. Jarvis is left fuming when ungrateful Edna tells him she doesn't need any help and he can’t even make a decent cup of tea. After a few pints in The Woolpack, Jarvis decides to take charge of Edna's situation and turns up at her house with his suitcase, insisting that he's going to stay the night to make sure she's alright. Having been turned away by Edna when he turned up on her doorstep bearing flowers, Sam decides to try again with chocolates but Edna is in no mood to listen to his apologies and threatens to call the police if he turns up on her doorstep again. Sam worries about what Zak will think of him when he finds out about what he's done. Lisa tells him that his father will be proud of him for facing up to what he's done. Matthew is a relieved man when Siobhan takes his advice and decides to go and stay with friends for a while. Aware that Sadie is suspicious about Carl’s sudden departure for Romania, Matthew has a go at Jimmy to make sure that his brother doesn’t give anything away to his wife. Sadie, meanwhile, gets to know Zoe a bit better, who offers her stabling for her horse at Home Farm. Has Sadie found a new ally in her war with Charity? Steph gives Shelley a hard time at the factory and asks her to go out for cakes, but tells her she will have to make up the time later. Lisa tells Shelley to give Steph a piece of her mind, but Shelley tells her she has her reasons for keeping her head down. She later confides in Diane that her and Alan are going ahead with their move to Spain, but are keeping Steph in the dark about their plans.


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