Shelley has an anxious moment when the estate agent arrives to value the B&B just as Steph pays a visit. Shelley tells him to go indoors and Steph is none the wiser. However, when Steph overhears Val chatting up the estate agent in The Woolpack she realises what's going on. At the B&B she tells Shelley to ring him and take the property off the market. Shelley tells her that she can’t because she's not the owner. Steph then threatens to lock Shelley in the cellar to try and get her own way. Shelley won’t be intimidated this time and belts Steph across the face. When Ethan pops round to see Edna and give her holy communion, Edna tells him that she will come to the church as usual to receive communion. With help from Jarvis, Edna sets off for church, but because she's using her Zimmer frame progress is painfully slow. With the bishop visiting the parish, Ethan is forced to come out of the church and tell Edna that he can’t wait any longer to start the service. After a day of looking after Edna, whose frustration is making her more bad tempered than usual Jarvis retires to The Woolpack for a well deserved pint. When Diane and Louise decide to go out for the day they leave an apprehensive Marlon in charge of Chas and Val, who continually snipe at each other from opposite ends of the bar. Marlon just about manages to prevent them from coming to blows but is at the end of his tether when Diane and Louise return. Realising yet again that one of their barmaids will have to go, Shadrach provides the two landladies with an idea when he says that Val would get his vote over Chas. Diane says they will have a vote and let the punters decide who stays.


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