Matthew shocks Carl and Jimmy when he tells them that he is going to go to Paul’s funeral. After the funeral, Siobhan tells Matthew that she would like to sell the house. Jimmy is shocked when he goes to the shop and Emily mentions Matthew's offer for the house. Back at Holdgate Farm, Carl and Jimmy confront Matthew about his insensitivity and Tom comes out to find out what they are arguing about. Matthew lies that they were rowing about golf. Tom is not convinced and later tells Sadie that he is determined to find out what's going on. As Charity struggles to settle baby Noah, a forlorn figure watches her through the window. When Zoe returns home, Ashley pays her a visit and tells her it is probably for the best that she decided to leave Charity alone. Zoe tells Ashley she is convinced that Charity has no maternal instincts. Ashley tells her that Charity will cope. Finding motherhood hard work, Charity turns to Lisa who tells her she needs to relax. At the end of her first day looking after Noah, Charity is exhausted. Katie upsets Robert by telling him that she wants to spend the evening in on her own. Donna is not happy when she pays Danny a visit and discovers him on the sofa laughing at the telly with Katie. Donna drags Danny to the pub, only to find Robert there. When Donna proceeds to bitch about Robert, Danny tells her to get over it. He reminds her that Val cheated on him but he doesn’t have a problem with her being in The Woolpack. When Val tells Diane about Shelley being a gold digger, Diane tells her sister that not everyone is like her. Val and Viv have a field day with their favourite piece of gossip when Alan orders champagne in The Woolpack to celebrate Shelley giving up work. Shelley orders some crisps and asks Val to put them on Alan's bill. Val takes this as cast iron evidence that Shelley is only interested in the contents of Alan's bulging wallet.


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