Following Trash's death, Jack follows Laura to London. Ex-criminal Alison meets Amos in hopes of getting a job at The Woolpack.


Reverend Ruskin asks to speak to Frank and Janie about their forthcoming marriage. Sam informs Annie and Joe that Jack's gone off with Laura. Annie wants the news keeping quiet but Sam says that he heard it from Amos. Frank discusses the eviction notice with Matt. Janie thinks Frank is being pigheaded over not shoeing Verney's horses. Henry is back from New Zealand; he tells Annie that Marian has met an older man over there and has decided not to return. She informs him of Trash's death through the old millhouse window, he wants to talk to Jack with it being company property. Reverend Ruskin says he will bring Alison Gibbons around to the pub later this afternoon. Liz worries about Beryl. She thinks she should get a job to take her mind of Sharon's disappearance. Sam mentions that Henry is still looking for a housekeeper. Reverend Ruskin speaks to Frank and Janie about their eviction notice, he wants to speak to George. Janie's forced to tell him about their disagreement over the horse shoeing. Annie mentions the idea of Beryl being Henry's housekeeper to him. Henry mentions he's going to the cinema in Leeds, he invites Annie but she's too busy. Alison arrives at the vicarage. Joe complains about doing all the work on the farm, Annie yells at him that a few months ago it was Matt doing all the work while he was off trying to impress Marian and he never complained. Amos nervously awaits the arrival of Alison. They meet and Alison offers to start immediately.


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