Andy's financial worries deepen when the combine harvester he has borrowed breaks down on him. When Lisa tells him that the part alone will cost two grand he despairs of his situation. Zak and Cain offer to help come up with a plan to ease his financial worries. When he tells them he can’t sell his cattle because of BSE regulations Cain suggests fiddling their tags so they'll look young enough to sell. When Katie overhears them she warns Andy not to get into trouble. He asks why she's so concerned for his welfare all of a sudden. Viv warns Terry that he may have to face up to losing T.J. because custody is nearly always given to the mother. In desperation Terry turns to Bob and asks him to have a word with Dawn. He even goes so far as to tell Bob that he is prepared to let Dawn have the house permanently. Bob has his own reasons for wanting Dawn to stay in the village. Depressed after a day of being lectured by Steph at the factory, Dawn tells him that she has no future in the village and she wants to return to her real home, Spain. Cain takes on the role of mentor to Daz and sets him the dubious initiative test of going to the shop to buy him some beer. Daz makes the mistake of trusting Shadrach with Cain's money. After buying the beer Shadrach tells Daz that he has confiscated it in order to teach him the value of not trusting anyone. When Daz tells Cain his mentor decides that it is Shadrach who needs teaching a lesson. Daz is impressed that Cain has stood up for him and asks him to put a good word in for him with Debbie.


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