Terry is delighted to see his son again when Jean returns from Spain with TJ. Later as they play with TJ in the garden, Terry apologises to Dawn for not trusting her. Later his solicitor, Rachel, tells Terry that if he stands any chance of winning joint custody he has to come up with more evidence against Dawn. Terry says he doesn’t want to do this. However, he's soon made to change his mind. When Viv overhears Jean telling Dawn what she would be able to do with the money if she sold Terry's house, she is incensed and rushes round to tell Terry that Dawn is planning to move back to Spain. Bob tries in vain to stop Viv telling Terry. Terry turns angrily on his friend for not telling him what Dawn is up to. Over at the café, Terry angrily warns Dawn that he is going to tell the court about her affair with Scott and her plans to move to Spain. The Dingles come to Andy’s rescue again as Lisa patches up the combine harvester in the hope that its owner won’t notice the damage when he collects it. Unfortunately the owner soon spots that the combine has been shoddily repaired and confronts Andy outside The Woolpack. Zak and Cain step in he backs down and accepts Andy's assurance that he will pay him for the use of the combine when he's ready. Full of confidence Andy surprises Cain by telling him that he's got to start paying rent for staying at the farm. Steph decides to introduce a divide and rule policy to resolve the problem of zero productivity at the factory by dividing the workers into two teams and telling them that a sizeable bonus awaits the team which produces the most bags at the end of the week. The workers are sceptical but at the end of the day Laurel and Lisa look pleased when Steph says that they are the more productive team after she finds that Pearl’s bags are not stuck together securely.


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