It's the day of the court hearing and Dawn feels guilty as she expresses her genuine fear that since the stroke she doesn’t think Terry can cope with T.J. for a whole day. Terry is ready to slate Dawn but cannot bring himself to criticise her ability as a mother. Instead, he emotionally begs the court to give him the chance to be a part of his son's life. Terry is crushed as the judge awards sole residency to Dawn despite his plea. Feeling terrible, Dawn goes to see her estranged husband and thanks him for not telling the court about the move to Spain. After she leaves, Terry weeps in despair at having lost his son. Meanwhile, Ashley worries that Laurel is taking on too much as she rushes around looking after the B&B as well as her work at the factory. As Ethan tells Laurel about Niamh’s job and how she saves lives on a daily basis, Laurel begins to feel a bit inadequate in comparison. At the factory, Eric is furious when he picks up one of the handbags before the glue is dry, and it gets stuck to his hand. The workers laugh hysterically as he is forced to go to casualty to have it removed. Later, back at the office Eric rants to Steph and she pacifies him by reminding him how much profit they will make, providing they keep wages at rock bottom. They are unaware the tannoy has been left on and furious staff threaten to walk out unless they receive a commission on every bag produced.


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