Zoe becomes more and more absentminded and short-tempered. When Scott calls round to pick up Jean, Zoe has no recollection of their arrangement and says she is taking the children out herself. When Scott comes across Zoe in the village, he is angry because he assumed that Zoe had something more important to do with his daughter than just taking her for a walk in the village. When she returns to Home Farm, Zoe dismisses Jean's nanny for the day and pulls the phone out of its socket. She insists that Joseph stays in the same room as her. In The Woolpack, Chloe complains to Danny about being homeless now that Siobhan has sold her house. Having overheard that she is looking for somewhere to live, Carl tells Chloe that he might be able to help now that he will be living at Dale View. When Chloe visits Carl at the house she asks him what the sleeping arrangements will be. Carl jokes that she will have to sleep on her own until she finds that she can no longer resist him. Tom is not impressed when he hears Chloe will be living with Carl, fearing more woman trouble for his son. When Edna comes across Pearl buying scratch cards in the shop she runs off to tell Len that his fiancé is gambling away their wedding fund. Len is irritated by Edna, but when Edna asks him what's bothering him he tells her about Pearl's son. Edna is surprisingly sympathetic and advises Len to be as supportive of Pearl as he can. When Len meets Pearl from work with flowers she is touched. She is not happy when Len reveals that Edna helped him think things over. Len tells Pearl she needs the support of good friends like Edna and Jarvis. Debbie sulks at the Dingles because Charity told her she couldn’t move into Holdgate Farm with her and Noah. Cain later surprises Debbie with flowers which she thinks he has stolen from the garden centre. He has a further surprise for her, suggesting that she moves in with him at Andy's.


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