Zoe cowers under the kitchen table, clinging to Joseph and Jean and praying desperately. Terrified Joseph tries to escape but Zoe grabs him, insisting he stay where he is safe. The young boy complains he is hungry and his aunty agrees to fix him something to eat. Meanwhile, Paddy, Charity and Scott are frantically banging on the door outside and eventually see no option but to call the police. Paranoid Zoe shouts out that someone is trying to steal her children and in a panic the pan catches fire. Seeing the smoke and fearing for his daughter, Scott breaks in to the house and tries to coax Zoe into handing over Jean. Meanwhile, Paddy smothers the fire with a blanket and Zoe adamantly insists they are trying to steal the children from her. The police arrive and tell Scott they will get her medical help but warn him it looks as though she will need to be sectioned. Scott sits beside terrified Zoe who starts to cry when Joseph admits she is scaring him. Elsewhere, Sadie is annoyed that Jimmy is having second thoughts about building a house in the village but he tells her he is sick of being his dad’s dogsbody and wants to go it alone. How will Sadie react to the news that her husband wants out of the lucrative family business? Over at the pub, Chas is disgusted as she watches Carl flirting with Chloe. Enjoying Chas’ reaction, Carl winds her up further by ordering a bottle of champagne for him and Chloe. However, Chloe is bemused when he loses interest in her as soon as they get home.


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