Jack gives Diane a pair of earrings as an early wedding present, before she heads off to Scarborough with Rodney for Fred's funeral. After they have gone, jealous Val insists that something doesn't add up and her suspicions are heightened when she rings their hotel and discovers they only have one room. Val tells Jack she is going to catch them at it and he reluctantly agrees to go to Scarborough with her. Diane and Rodney grow closer as they spend time together in Scarborough, and he can’t help but probe about her relationship with Jack. After a few drinks Diane can’t take it any longer and she blurts out her secret - she has cancer. Back in the village, Nicola is distraught when she learns that Simon has gone to Scarborough to be with Tash. As she sits in floods of tears, Marlon tells her she should fight for her man and seizing his words she vows to go to Scarborough to win him back. Elsewhere, Donna hopes to get a reaction from Danny by pretending she plans on going to university. Remembering how upset he was to lose Ollie, Danny is very low and is later furious when his girlfriend confesses she was messing around. Chloe refuses to give Carl up without a fight and prepares an impressive lunch for him and Chas. Carl is clearly impressed with Chloe's culinary abilities and Chloe looks extremely pleased with herself as she listens on the stairs to Carl singing her praises in front of Chas, who can’t compete with her in the cooking department.


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