Feeling dreadful after a drunken night, Diane is in no mood for lectures from Louise and Jack and tells them that, like Edith Piaf, she regrets nothing and feels better about things. As Diane and Jack are about to set off for the hospital, Rodney appears and offers to drive. Annoyed with Rodney for getting Diane drunk, Jack tells him he's probably in no fit state to drive. Desperate to accompany Diane, Rodney says they can all go in his car and Jack can drive. Jack declines and Rodney makes a cryptic mark about Diane floating down the Nile. Val finds Rodney brooding in the barn and he tells her to go away because he's busy. Not taking no for an answer, Val takes a look at what Rodney's doing and is intrigued to find that he is looking at Egyptian holidays. Rodney asks Val what she wants and she demands to know why he's being so awful to her. Rodney tells her he is worried about Diane and has had enough of her self-obsession. Val tells Rodney that she thinks that Diane is milking her cancer and immediately regrets it. Rodney is furious and tells her to get out and stay out. When Diane returns from hospital she goes for a lie down and apologises to Jack for getting drunk with Rodney. Afterwards Jack takes exception to Rodney's sudden appearance in the bar and tells him to back off and leave Diane alone. He tells him he had his chance with Diane a long time ago. Bob breaks up their heated exchange and Rodney leaves. Later he sneaks back to the pub and goes to Diane's room and excitedly tells her he has booked a Nile cruise for the two of them. Diane can’t believe her ears. Ethan and Niamh are unable to reach any kind of compromise and because Ethan is not prepared to go to Malawi, the couple agree to go their separate ways. Ethan tells Niamh he loves her but Niamh tells him he can’t love her that much or he would be prepared to go to Malawi with her. Laurel is inspired by Niamh's work and tells Ashley that she would like to do something to make a difference. Not realising how serious Laurel is, Ashley advises her to look into it.


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