Ashley apologises to Laurel for patronising her and she explains that her work abroad is the most important thing she has ever done. Understanding the importance of Laurel's expedition he leaves her to pack before promising to come back and wave her off. Later on, the villagers shower Laurel with gifts, but she is disappointed that Ashley is nowhere to be seen. Nicola tells her they must leave or she’ll miss her plane, but as they are pulling off Ashley frantically runs after them. Ashley tells Laurel that he loves her before producing a ring and asking her to marry him. How will Laurel react to the vicar's shock proposal? That afternoon, Syd tells Chas and Katie that he and Danny are going to move into Seth and Betty’s and that he can’t afford to turn down Sadie’s offer of work. Chas is disgusted but remains defiant that she will fight the eviction.


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