At the doctor's, Jimmy is determined to solve the riddle of why and he and Sadie remain childless. He is disgruntled when the doctor tells them to carry on as they are. As the couple leave the doctor asks to have a word alone with Sadie and angrily tells her it's time to tell her husband the truth. Back at Home Farm, Jimmy tells Sadie that they will have a child whatever it takes. Sadie stuns Jimmy by telling him bluntly that she doesn’t want a child. As Jimmy reels from Sadie's bombshell she confesses that she hasn’t stopped having her contraceptive injections. Jimmy storms out. Carl is disturbed when Matthew boasts that he is helping Siobhan out financially and assures Carl that he wouldn’t stoop so low as to rip of a pregnant widow. The news that Siobhan is pregnant brings all of Carl's guilt about Paul’s death flooding back. When Carl snaps at Chas she demands to know what's been bothering him. Carl tells her that he killed Paul. Chas is stunned but comforts Carl. Meanwhile, Chloe continues to ingratiate herself with Carl by offering to cook dinner for the three of them. While Chloe prepares dinner Chas warns her that if she gets too matey with Carl she will get a smack. At dinner Chloe spills a glass of wine over Chas, who reacts angrily. Carl tells her to calm down. Chloe storms off and listens on the staircase as Carl tells Chas not to worry because Chloe will be gone soon. Chloe's face is full of hatred. Wanting to repay Alan for giving him cash to back a winner, Zak decides a fishing trip is the answer. He tells Marlon that Alan will provide the booze while Marlon will supply the food. Zak assures Marlon that his contribution will be his organisational expertise. When Shadrach overhears them talking he offers to provide the booze for the trip. In The Woolpack, they find Alan in his cups and wait for their moment to ask him to come on the trip. When Steph comes in and harasses her dad Alan escapes to the bar and the Dingles take their chance.


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