Jimmy wakes up in a lay-by having spent the night alone in his car with a couple of bottles of whisky after storming out of Home Farm after his row with Sadie. In no mood to kiss and make up Jimmy switches his phone off when his wife calls. When Jimmy returns home he finds Sadie preparing dinner for Tom and Charity. Jimmy wants to cancel the meal but Sadie insists that it must go ahead, because neither of them wants Charity to know about their problems. After the guests have gone Jimmy announces that they’ll be sleeping in separate rooms from now on. Chloe tells Carl that after the incident with the spilled wine it might be best if she moves out. Carl disappoints her by agreeing. He tells her that he was thinking of asking Chas to move in and that if she were to move out it would make it easier for Chas to move in. When Carl asks Chas to move in she is unsure at first but as soon as Carl tells her that Chloe is thinking of leaving, she rushes off to pack her bags. Siobhan also has her bags packed and says her goodbyes to the village in The Woolpack. Armed with fishing tackle, plenty of pies, beer and the family sofa Zak, Marlon, Shadrach and guest of honour, Alan, settle down for an afternoon of tall tales by the riverbank. Steph, meanwhile, goes to great lengths to dress up for dinner with her dad and heads off to The Woolpack to wait for him. She is left bitterly disappointed when Alan fails to appear and as she leaves tells Bob that she must have got the dates mixed up because her dad would never stand her up. Danny and Donna get off the bus from the airport arguing and it looks as if a good time was not had by all. Things don’t improve for Danny when he attempts to get into Pear Tree Cottage and discovers that he has been evicted. With nowhere to stay Danny turns to Len for help.


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