Steph is furious that her father stood her up the night before and when Alan rolls up at the B&B in a drunken stupor her anger deepens. An argument ensues and Steph follows Alan on to the landing. He becomes increasingly irate and venomously tells her he wishes she had died instead of Tricia. Steph hits out at him in retaliation but is shocked when he stumbles back and falls down the staircase. Meanwhile, Jimmy leaves the house early to avoid Sadie and is disgruntled when Matthew questions his mood. Sadie later tries to be affectionate with her husband but he makes it clear that she cannot talk her way out of this one. Elsewhere, Chloe is put out when Chas moves into Dale View and makes it clear that she must move out as soon as possible. Despite her frustration, she points out to Chas that her and Carl can have the house to themselves for the evening because she is heading out on a hot date.


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