Jack decides to offer Andy an olive branch and invites him to his stag do. Andy is delighted and the night goes well until Jack lets slip that he punched Daz the previous day. Andy is furious and storms home. Back at Butler's Farm, Debbie manages to calm Andy down and as the pair get closer he suddenly looks at her in a new light and leans in for a kiss. Fearing he has gone too far, Andy immediately apologises but Debbie assures him she feels the same and they head upstairs together. Meanwhile, Chloe puts on a stunning performance as she nervously hands Chas a poison pen letter. Outraged, Chas assumes it's from Colleen, but when Carl refuses to believe his estranged wife would stoop so low the pair break into an argument. Chloe sits back, feeling smug that she has caused such mayhem. Making matters worse, Carl is left feeling uncomfortable when Danny has a whip-round to pay Chas to do a striptease for Jack. Chas stands on a tabletop but Diane and her hen do guests crash before anything else happens. Chas tells everyone she's going to give the money to the blind, because the way Danny's going, he'll need it. Elsewhere, Pearl worries about her son's pending release and when Len insists they can’t kick Danny out of his home she agrees they will have to arrange for Frank to stay in a hostel. Ashley sees a distraught Pearl in church, but she refuses to confide in him.


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  • This episode and the next received 11 complaints about the relationship between Andy Sugden and Debbie Dingle. However, Ofcom found no breach in the programme code and therefore no action was taken.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,377,000 viewers (14th place).
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