Jack is upset as Diane tells him that she thinks getting married might be the craziest thing she could do given her health. Jack insists that whatever happens he loves her and their love is worth celebrating. After giving the matter some thought Jack tells her that he is happy to go along with whatever decision she makes about the wedding. Feeling frail, Diane decides to go and visit Tricia’s grave and while she contemplates her own mortality, Rodney approaches and joins her. She becomes distraught at the thought of the hurt she’ll cause Jack and Bernice if she cannot beat the cancer. She tells her ex-husband that she doesn’t want to get any closer to anyone now, so that she can spare them the pain later on. Rodney tells Diane she is being ridiculous and chooses this moment to tell her that he is in love with her. Diane reminds him that he used to tell her he loved just as he was about to walk out on her. Jack arrives and is not happy to see Rodney alone with Diane. Rodney tells Jack that Rodney was just going. When Debbie ignores Ethan as he leaves the vicarage with Ashley, Ethan tells Ashley that he thinks Debbie may have put her crush on him behind her. Ashley has good news for Ethan and tells him that he is going to recommend to the bishop that Ethan is ready to take on a parish of his own. Over at Butler's Farm, Andy is not happy when he returns from the village in the afternoon and finds Debbie waiting for him after taking the afternoon off school. He tells her that he wants to keep their relationship quiet and carry on as normal. Daz walks in on Andy and Debbie together in the barn and suspecting something is going on he questions his brother. Andy decides that he owes it to Daz to be open about their relationship. Having a crush on Debbie himself, Daz is furious when his brother tells him that he is seeing Debbie. Daz tells Andy he is sick and storms out.


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