Diane apologies to Jack about her wedding doubts the previous day and reassures him that she wants them to be together. Diane then prepares to have a hen night to remember. After a day of pampering at The Woolpack the ladies hit the clubs in Leeds. That evening, as they leave the pub Val proposes a toast to weddings, present and future and looks knowingly at Rodney. Rodney looks extremely uncomfortable. Diane enjoys her hen do, but becomes uncomfortable when in the club, Val can’t contain her excitement any longer and tells everyone that Rodney is planning to marry her. Val tells Diane that Rodney is taking her to Egypt. Nobody is convinced, so she tells them about the tickets for Mr and Mrs Blackstock for the trip to Egypt. Diane looks uncomfortable and feeling she owes her sister the truth, decides to tell Val the trip was originally for her and that Rodney has confessed his love. Val is heartbroken and calls Diane a lying bitch, before storming out of the club. Pearl makes sure that the house is spotless for the parole officer's visit. The parole officer tells Pearl and Len that if they are both prepared to offer Frank a home he will be released shortly. Len hesistates but agrees that this is what he wants. Len still has his reservations about offering Frank a home and is not happy when Jarvis, who spotted the parole officer on their doorstep, confronts him about inviting a rapist into their home. Len confides in Pearl that he worries about Jarvis making life difficult for them. Worked up about the matter, Jarvis puts Ashley in the picture about Frank as meets him on his way out of The Woolpack. Meanwhile, Daz is still angry having discovered Debbie and Andy’s liaison and skips school for the day. After he has calmed down, Daz warns Andy that if Cain finds out he’ll be eating hospital food for a month if he's lucky and at worst Cain will kill him. Andy later confesses his fears to Debbie and they agree to keep their affair a secret. The couple again spend the night together.


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