Nicola begs her newly found brother not to leave the village, insisting they need time to get to know one another. Meanwhile, refusing to give up on her love for Rodney completely, Val heads for the Antiques Barn to see whether she can convince Rodney to make a go of things before she leaves. She gets a frosty reception from Rodney who simply says goodbye. Val receives more bad news when Paul approaches telling her that he has decided to stay in the village, insisting she’ll be okay without him. Paul explains that after making up with Nicola he has decided to stay in the village and get to know his sister. As Val is about to get in the taxi, Rodney arrives to give her a proper send off. Val fights back the tears as the car pulls away but will she be gone for good? Meanwhile, Diane returns from seeing her daughter Bernice and her new granddaughter Diane, who has been named after her. Diane busies herself at work in an attempt to take her mind off the looming operation. She is determined to spend her last night before she goes into hospital doing what she always does working behind the bar. When Diane goes into the bar she finds a huge crowd of well-wishers. She tells them that if they so much as mention cancer they will be barred. Later, after closing up for what she realises could be the last time she breaks down and Jack holds her as her tells her that she will beat her cancer. Pearl gets a call from her son to say that he has been granted parole and he will be out in two week's time. Pearl panics and tells Lisa that she must not tell anyone in the village that Frank has spent time in prison. Determined to keep Frank's past a secret, Pearl is upset when Len insists that Danny has a right to know what Frank has done when they will be living under the same roof.


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