There is fury among the villagers when a reporter spills the beans that Frank is a convicted rapist. Viv leads an army of outraged locals to Pearl’s house and they hammer on the door as a photographer clicks away. The disgruntled residents eventually give up and head to the pub where they agree that they will take whatever steps are necessary to stop Frank moving into the area. Meanwhile, a devastated Pearl reluctantly invites Ashley and Lisa into her home, only to be confronted by an angry Lisa who is upset that Pearl wasn’t honest with her about Frank from the start. Over at the B&B, Alan tries to convince Steph that he is feeling much better, but she insists he continues taking his pills and leads him to believe that everyone is laughing about his escapades with the Dingles. Elsewhere, Chas leaves the pub with her son Aaron and he accidentally bumps into Colleen. Chas sees red when Colleen tells her to keep her wayward son on a tighter leash, but the feisty Dingle manages to bite her tongue. Afterwards Chloe is pleased to hear about Chas's dislike of Colleen.


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