Chloe goes to the pub and hands Chas the letter. Automatically assuming it is from Colleen, Chas is furious and when Chloe not so innocently mentions that Colleen is at the office she storms off to confront her. Tom and Matthew try to calm Chas down as she hurls abuse at Colleen, but Chas is unable to contain her anger and punches Colleen to the ground. Later Chas regrets her behaviour, fearing Carl’s reaction when he returns from holiday. Meanwhile, Andy and Debbie get a fright when they are lying in bed together and hear a door slam downstairs. Fearing Cain will catch them, Debbie quickly escapes out of the window. Cain is later suspicious when he gets a call from Debbie's teacher to say she hasn’t been turning up for school. Over at the Dingle's, Shadrach tells Zak and Lisa that he is leaving, following Zak's practical joke the previous day. Feeling terrible, Lisa insists Zak does something and he reluctantly tells Shadrach that he belongs with them. Shadrach is pleased with himself and settles back into Zak's chair!


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