Carl is livid when he returns from holiday to find Chas has given his ex-wife a black eye. He does everything he can to appease Colleen, but she insists they start divorce proceedings and is adamant that he cannot see his kids while he is with his aggressive girlfriend. Chas desperately tries to convince Carl that she was provoked and shows him the letters as evidence. He refuses to believe Colleen would stoop so low and, after a ferocious row, he sleeps on the sofa, leaving Chloe delighted at the chaos she has caused. Elsewhere, Cain warns Debbie against skipping school but she is dismissive of his threats and spends the afternoon rolling in the hay with Andy. She later decides to keep her father on side by suggesting they spend the evening together at the pictures. Meanwhile, Scott admits to Syd that he can’t take another day of living under the same roof as his nagging mother. He goes to see Dawn and begs her to let him lodge at her house. She eventually agrees and Scott is over the moon.


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