Hot on Debbie’s trail, Cain drives her to the bus stop in the morning and is waiting for her when she returns after school. He suggests they go into Hotten but wanting to spend time with Andy, Debbie lies that she has a meeting at the church. Debbie heads off to the barn to steal some time with Andy, unaware of Cain's suspicions. Once she has left, Cain frantically searches the barn and is livid when he finds a packet of condoms. After a passionate session with Andy in the back of his Land Rover, Debbie returns home oblivious to what awaits her. Will Cain be able to control his temper after making such a shocking discovery? Elsewhere, Chloe is up to her usual tricks and manages to wangle herself an invite to an awards ceremony with the King family after accidentally on purpose booking an extra hotel room. Meanwhile, Sam is miserable when Matthew refuses to give him back his old job and tries to cheer himself up by going fishing. Things go from bad to worse when an angry Callum catches him and decides to teach him a lesson by locking him in a shed. Luckily for Sam, Sadie is on hand to free the terrified Dingle.


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