Cain is furious when he catches Debbie trying to call Ethan and takes away her phone, promising that she won’t be seeing him ever again. Meanwhile, Ethan is forced to tell an incredulous Ashley the story behind his bruising, confessing that Cain believes he and Debbie shared more than a kiss and has threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave the village immediately. Cain can’t believe his eyes when he spots Ethan's car and, realising he has ignored the threat, smashes up the car before proceeding to punch Ethan to the ground in full view of stunned locals. Debbie arrives on the scene and agrees to go home with her father. She desperately tries to convince Cain that Ethan did nothing wrong but his blood boils at the thought of her growing up like her mother and he smacks her across the face. Cain is instantly remorseful as his terrified daughter cowers away. With tears in his eyes, Cain begs her to forgive him, promising that from now on he will do his best to be a proper dad to her. Will Debbie ever forgive her father for the suffering he has caused?


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