Viv and Donna are charmed by Frank as they serve him in the post office, unaware that he is the convicted rapist they are campaigning to keep out of the village. Frank later enjoys mingling with the locals in The Woolpack until Louise asks his name. Realising that he is Pearl’s son, there is uproar amongst the villagers and Syd and Scott quickly remove him from the pub. Elsewhere, Zak is appalled when he sees Debbie’s bruised face. She lies that it happened while she was messing around with Daz, but realising there is more to it Zak threatens Cain that if he ever touches her again he’ll have him to deal with. Later, Debbie sees Ethan and apologises for what happened, promising that Cain will leave him alone now. Still uncertain of what the future holds, Ethan decides to go away for a while. Meanwhile, Paul suggests to Nicola and Simon that they all go out for a Sunday lunch, courtesy of Thelma Louise's credit card. They invite Rodney but wanting to visit Diane in hospital he claims to have already made plans.


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