Viv organises a community action meeting which descends into chaos as the locals vocalise their feelings about sharing the village with a convicted rapist. Back at Jacob's Fold, Len jumps up when there is a hammering at the door and is horrified when their window is smashed seconds later. Incensed Len marches outside to find protesting villagers at their door. Meanwhile, Nicola accuses Rodney of having been miserable ever since the wedding. Determined to prove his daughter is wrong, he agrees to organise a men only poker night. Nicola later tells Paul, but he is convinced that he won’t be invited. Elsewhere, Debbie tells Andy she would rather they end their relationship than risk the consequences of her dad finding out. Andy is annoyed that she suddenly seems to be taking Cain's side but she explains it is best for everyone. Andy is left quietly licking his wounds.


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