Dawn makes it clear to Scott that she does not approve of mob mentality and is shocked when he condones the smashing of Pearl’s window. Later, Len admits to Scott that he suspects he was responsible for last night's attack on the house and tells him to stick his job. Len's frustration grows when he sees Jarvis and Syd patrolling outside the house, obviously keeping watch on Frank’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Nicola asks Rodney about the poker game in front of Paul, giving him no option but to invite his son. The night becomes tense as the father and son prove competitive. Rodney ups the stakes but is furious when Paul lets him win, claiming it is just a game. Elsewhere, Jack and Robert do their best to take care of Diane but she snaps and tells them both to just leave her alone. Later, Jack suggests they go for a walk together but feeling self-conscious of her appearance and her stoma Diane declines.


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