Louise plans a welcome home party for Diane, but when Jack mentions it to his wife she is instantly dismissive. Paul manages to sway his aunty Diane when he insists she either get her dancing shoes on or head for an early grave. Paul brightens up the evening as he performs his famous drag act, but when he ends his performance with a remark about his father, an outraged Rodney storms out of the pub. Paul follows him out only to be told by Rodney that there is no room in his life for a son and that he doesn’t want to know him. Over at the factory, Eric gets a shock when trading standards pay him a visit claiming they believe counterfeit goods are being manufactured. He quickly insists that he knows nothing about the handbags and they will have to speak to his business partner. Panic stricken Steph insists that there must have been a misunderstanding. Elsewhere, Frank worries that if his probation officer hears about the hostile reaction from the neighbours he will suggest that he move on. Pearl feels for her son and agrees with Len that they will lie that everything is fine.


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