Nicola gives Rodney a hard time for his lack of interest in Paul and isn’t convinced by his claim that it has nothing to do with Paul being gay. Nicola later begs her brother not to leave the village and suggests he try talking to Rodney one more time. Paul goes to see him but their discussion ends in yet another argument and Paul bluntly tells Rodney that he didn’t ask to be his son but he should deal with it. Over at the factory, Steph attempts to sort out the problem with trading standards and tells Eric that the longest stretch they could get is three years inside. Uncomforted, Eric decides to tell his solicitor that Steph has duped him. Meanwhile, Emily sits with Alan and is concerned to find out that Alan has taken more than his recommended daily dosage of pills. She is also bemused when he rambles incomprehensively about Shelley Elsewhere, Donna takes a delivery of rape alarms at the post office and feels uncomfortable when Frank pleasantly smiles at her from the bus stop. Over at Jacob's Fold, Len and Pearl are comforted when Diane pays them a visit assuring them they are welcome in The Woolpack.


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