Steph is annoyed when Alan refuses to take his pills, but believes she has won when he pops them in his mouth. Steph is unaware that as she turns her back he defiantly spits them into the bin. Alan later manages to get out of bed and is horrified when he looks out of the window to see Steph selling his beloved motorbike. When Alan confronts her she panics and pretends to cry, claiming that the B&B is going under and she was desperate. Steph goes to get him a drink promising to tell him everything on her return. Before coming back she spikes his drink with pills and before long he is too drowsy to talk. As he falls asleep, she quietly warns him that he will be going the same way Shelley did if he doesn’t watch it. Meanwhile, Paul gets a shock when Rodney turns up at the pub and invites him for lunch. Rodney pays Marlon to cook for them and goes to town with an expensive bottle of wine. Nicola is thrilled he is making the effort but Paul feels uncomfortable. Over at the Dingles', Zak asks Sam to help him organise a Dingle shindig and claims he doesn’t mind that Sam has invited Solomon Dingle, given that he helped him out in prison.


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