The Dingle showdown gets underway as Solomon and Zak battle it out for the title of King. Zak panics as Solomon takes an lead early in the contest but during a quiz round Lisa realises Solomon is cheating and offers a helping hand to get Zak back in front. After a quick arm wrestle the atmosphere is tense as the men prepare for the fishing competition to decide the winner. Zak is thrilled when he is victorious until being branded a cheat and Solomon promptly moves into the Dingles' Homestead. Elsewhere, a few of the girls attend self-defence classes in order to be prepared should Frank Bernard try anything. Donna is as over-enthusiastic as ever and after trying out a move on Danny, nearly breaks his arm. Meanwhile, Steph refuses to accept help from Emily and Viv when they offer to give her a break from caring for Alan. The manipulative daughter then looks into how she can gain control over Alan's finances.


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