Donna heads off to Hotten on her scooter but when the scooter stops working, she is left stranded. Frank is out walking and is concerned to see a tearful Donna on the edge of the road following her accident. He approaches her to offer help, but assuming he is going to attack her Donna panics and runs away after using her rape alarm. Donna sees Syd and Scott and hysterically throws herself into her brother's arms after her ordeal. Scott jumps to conclusions and heads off with murderous intent in search of Frank. Meanwhile, Marlon gets a shock when he opens his front door to find four young ragamuffin children. He is horrified when he discovers they belong to Lilith Dingle and he is expected to care for them while she is away. Outside Dingles' Homestead, Zak and Lisa have had an uncomfortable night in the camper van and are incredulous when Solomon patronises them by offering to let them use the toilet twice a day. Solomon decides to keep Sam on side by abdicating and hands over his title to the surprised Dingle.


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  • These episodes attracted 27 complaints. Offcom did not find that it was not in breach of the programme code, as scenes were edited in a careful manner, therefore no action was taken.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,176,000 viewers (13th place).
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