Scott and Syd drive back to the village having left Frank for dead on the roadside. Syd feels sickened by what they have done but Scott shows no remorse. Meanwhile, Danny is driving back to Emmerdale when he sees Frank lying motionless on the side of the road. He manages to get him home after he refuses to go to hospital and Pearl is devastated when she sees the extent of her son's injuries. As word of the attack spreads, Dawn becomes suspicious of Scott's involvement, despite his denials. Syd begins to panic and is wracked with guilt over the incident. Elsewhere, Marlon is exhausted having spent a whole day with the kids. He is close to tears as he realises he has no parenting skills but after a little advice from Emily he manages to get them off to sleep and reflects on a tiring day.


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  • Final appearance of Bobby Knutt as Albert Dingle.
  • This episode was broadcast at 8.30pm.
  • These episodes attracted 27 complaints. Offcom did not find that it was not in breach of the programme code, as scenes were edited in a careful manner, therefore no action was taken.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,968,000 viewers (15th place).
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