Scott piles pressure on Dawn to keep her mouth shut about Frank Bernard. Viv does the same, angering Bob. Len and Pearl leave the village. Edna shames Jarvis for his role in their departure. A smug Scott returns to the village to a slap from Dawn. Syd learns he is getting a caution, and Scott nothing at all. Scott intervenes when Syd tells Dawn how disappointed he is in her; Syd challenges Scott to a fight and walks away. Diane’s cancer keeps Victoria at bay, but she tells Victoria why she no longer uses the bathroom. When Jack goes to the shop with Diane, she quickly leaves; back home, she confides in him her embarrassment and anxiety. Carl tells Chloe about his hiding the latest poison pen letter from Chas. The Dingles' "kill with kindness" strategy finally works, as Solomon tells them how delusional and pathetic they are and that he is leaving. Sam, who now sees through him, has a few choice goodbye words.


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