Steph is forced to face the music as she is interrogated by the police over the incident at the quarry. Despite being terrified of what Alan might have told them, she concocts a story claiming that she was merely driving her father to a hospital appointment. Meanwhile, Alan wakes in hospital and when the police question him about Steph's intentions he admits that he thinks she was sedating him and had planned to kill him right from the start. Chloe is annoyed when Carl fails to insist that Chas contribute to their phone bill. She lets off steam to Jimmy who uses the opportunity to get closer to Chloe by offering her the cash himself. Charity and Tom return home from hearing their bands being read in church and are greeted by Sadie who offers her services as their wedding planner. Charity is annoyed when Tom insists they cannot refuse the offer and suggests it might bring Charity and Sadie closer.


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