Steph’s situation worsens when the police search the B&B and find evidence that Steph was manipulating Alan’s finances and keeping him locked in his room. They confront Steph with the facts and unnerve her by pointing out that they are testing to see exactly how much medication is in his bloodstream. When the results come back, Steph is horrified as she is arrested for attempted murder. Meanwhile, Chloe’s nose is put out of joint when Carl, caught up in his divorce papers, fails to notice her new outfit. However, Jimmy later earns brownie points by complementing her on her appearance. Later, Carl phones to postpone his lunch date with Chloe but Jimmy fails to pass the message on. Instead he heads to the pub himself to rescue her from being stood-up. Elsewhere in the village, Sadie offers Katie a job helping to plan Tom and Charity’s wedding.


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