Reality bites for Steph as she sits in her police cell feeling terrified and alone. Her solicitor advises her to say as little as possible in the police interview as she continues to plead her innocence. However, to Steph's relief, after further questioning she is free to leave. Meanwhile, Emily goes to visit Alan and tells him that she previously saw Shelley outside the B&B. Alan become increasingly upset as memories of hearing Shelley's voice come flooding back to him and they decide to report Shelley's disappearance to the police. The police arrive to let Alan know that Steph has been released and Alan takes the opportunity to admit that he believes she may have harmed Shelley. He gives permission for them to conduct a full search of the B&B for evidence. Katie starts work for Sadie and her new boss wastes no time in taking the opportunity to ask questions about Robert’s ability in the bedroom!


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