Frank and Janie discuss their wedding preparations with Edward, whilst Alison proves to be a hit with the Woolpack regulars.


Annie informs Liz that she spoke to Beryl but she doesn't think she'll go through with it. Alison starts work behind the bar under the watchful eye of Amos - her presence causing some interest among the regulars. Janie worries about discussing the wedding with Reverend Ruskin tomorrow, she's aware she has a reputation. Frank says he learned that the reputation she carried isn't true of her anymore. Joe's eager to catch a glimpse of the new barmaid, he's disappointed when she reminds him of his aunt. Henry spends a lot of time talking to Alison and buys her a drink. Matt brings Peggy home. Janie puts in a drink order for the wedding and invites Alison. Henry asks Frank to cancel his idea for the gates at Inglebrook House, saying it's not important now Marian has gone. He invites Frank to come up to Inglebrook House one time. Frank invites him to their wedding. Annie drags Joe and Sam down to The Woolpack so Matt and Peggy can spend some time in the house alone. Janie and Frank go to see Reverend Ruskin, who questions their reasons for wanting a church wedding.


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