Zoe is concerned about the state of Sadie and Jimmy’s marriage and Sadie admits that she wishes Jimmy desired her more. When Katie later confides in Sadie that Robert only has eyes for her, Sadie can’t resist the challenge and goes to see him at the garage. She makes her intentions clear by beginning to undo his overalls. Robert is clearly captivated by her but Matthew interrupts the moment and Sadie leaves. Later she admits to Zoe that things are looking up and feels confident in her ability to seduce Robert. Meanwhile, Danny and Donna realise that the spark has gone from their relationship and agree to call it a day. Katie twigs that there is someone else on Donna's mind but her friend doesn’t reveal her feelings for Marlon. Police investigations continue and Shadrach is forced to admit that he stole Shelley’s scarf from a bin outside the B&B and gave it to Lisa. Steph’s car is towed away for evidence and the police also discover that Shelley's bank account has been emptied.


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