As Robert drops Katie off at work, Sadie takes the opportunity to let him know she will be paying him a visit later on. The seductress turns up at the garage and unbuttons her coat to reveal a sexy top underneath. With only one thing on her mind, she begins to kiss Robert passionately and he feels powerless to resist her advances. Afterwards Sadie returns to work like the cat that got the cream and invites Katie to the pub that evening, telling her to bring Robert along. Robert sees no way out but can barely contain his discomfort all evening in Sadie's company. Meanwhile, Marlon is determined to ensure the twins have the best birthday ever. As Donna helps him make plans, Katie watches them together and is convinced that Donna has feelings for him. Donna admits she is right but claims she can’t risk losing their friendship by taking it further. An old friend of Shelley’s comes forward to say that the last time they spoke Shelley said she was returning to Yorkshire to see Alan.


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