It's the morning of the twins’ birthday and Marlon pretends to have forgotten while secretly planning a surprise party for the boys. Later on he entertains the kids by dressing up as a clown, but mid-party, Lilith turns up and Marlon is devastated as she bundles her children out of the door. A sombre Marlon later approaches Donna and although it is clear that he misses the kids, he is happy that their visit has brought him and Donna closer together. Marlon confesses to Donna that he has realised how much he cares for her and he leans in for a kiss. Elsewhere, Sadie cunningly asks Katie to go to work, knowing it's a sure way to get Robert alone. She heads to the garage and enjoys playing seductress with her toy boy. Elsewhere, Steph remains confident that she will not be found guilty of Shelley’s murder, insisting she is still alive. However, the net closes in on her when a coat is found on the landfill site that is thought to belong to the victim.


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