Charity spends an awkward morning at home with Tom’s friend Helen while the men enjoy a round of golf. Hurt by Helen's cutting remarks about her culinary skills, Charity can’t help but retaliate by pointing out that the fattening meal she has prepared is a heart attack in the making. Back at the golf course Tom watches in horror as Roger clutches his chest before falling to the floor. Roger is later pronounced dead having suffered a massive heart attack. While Tom and Helen mourn their loss, Charity wishes she could take back her earlier comment. Meanwhile, Syd is offered a job in Manchester but when he hesitates to accept he is forced to admit to Chas that he is reluctant to move away because he is in love with her. Elsewhere, Scott is relieved when he is given a twelve-month suspended sentence for assaulting Frank. However, Dawn is unimpressed by his smug smile and reminds him that he has destroyed Viv and Bob’s marriage.


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