Following the death of his friend, Tom is overcome with grief and can’t help but dwell over his own mortality. Charity comforts her husband-to-be but despite her assurance that their age gap isn’t a problem, he insists he's only got a few years left and she's better off without him. Meanwhile, Dawn’s harsh words play on Scott’s mind and he apologises for all that he has put her through. Dawn is happy to accept his apology but makes it clear that they will be nothing more than friends. Elsewhere, Syd tries to apologise to Chas but when she laughs off his declaration of love he points out that he meant every word. Chas explains that she thinks the world of him but still has feelings for Carl. Later Chas is distraught when Zak tells her that Syd has packed his bags and gone. She manages to catch up with him as he's saying his final goodbyes and they share an emotional farewell. Chas is left weeping on Zak's shoulder as Syd drives away.


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