After an altercation with Bob in the street, Viv takes out her hurt on the customers in the cafe and ends up locking herself in the stock cupboard for the morning. Meanwhile, Bob is equally miserable as he clears out the cellar at The Woolpack. Dawn and Scott come up with an idea to force their parents together and they book them a surprise holiday. Viv and Bob are horrified when they realise they have been set-up and refuse to go. However, after some persuasion they eventually agree but are clearly disgruntled as they head to the airport. Meanwhile, Sadie can hardly contain her delight when Tom admits that he feels unable to talk to Charity about how he is feeling. Knowing Tom wants to spend to time alone, Sadie tries to cause further friction by suggesting to Charity that she do something special for him. Charity buys him gym membership but he is clearly not impressed. Later Charity manages to convince Tom that all that matters is that they are together, regardless of their ages.


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