Chloe is delighted when she wakes up with Carl and is thrilled when he insists to Jimmy that she have half the day off to help him celebrate his recent promotion. Jimmy detects that Carl and Chloe are more than just friends and is furious that Chloe has been leading him on. Later on Carl and Chloe go to The Woolpack and it is clear that they are together. Chas saves face by congratulating Carl on his new job however inside her heart is breaking. Meanwhile, Paul returns to the village and knowing that Nicola will be full of questions he escapes by offering Rodney a hand at the vineyard. As the father and son compare notes on running a business it is clear that they have finally found some common ground. Elsewhere, Sadie confronts Jimmy about Chloe and when a massive argument breaks out she suggests that they need counselling. Jimmy is unimpressed and tells his wife that he thinks they should call it a day, leaving Sadie devastated.


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